Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Computer Sadness

 My laptop that I got in June is dead. Its still under warranty, so I sent it off to get fixed, but until then I'm not very happy. A lot of my data was lost, and I am stuck using the computers at work, or this ancient thing on the floor in my spare room. I got it up and running and miraculously I got internet on it and I can do some basic functions. CJ was impressed with me. But, this is part of the reason my blog had a Christmas background and theme until just now, and the reason the current background and theme is rather crappy. At least I didn't give in and use a pre-made Blogger background!

For Christmas I got a food processor and a magazine full of recipes. Hopefully soon I'll have time to cook some of my own recipes and take pictures and give a good update.

Until then, good luck enduring these cold non-holiday months!

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