Friday, January 13, 2012


     Someday, I want a lot of property and an old farm house. I want lots of tall trees around the property, so I can string lights from tree to tree, and have meandering walkways lit by lovely little lights and imagine faeries are watching me from the trees. I want a few picnic tables out in a clearing surrounded by lights strung in a circle. I would plant wild flowers and maintain it myself instead of going to work. I would have my own large vegetable garden AND a flower garden. I would have fresh flowers in my house all summer. And I want little children of my own to enjoy it all with me. Is that so much to ask?


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year, More Memories

      I spent the last 2 weeks going through all the photos I've taken over the last 6 years. That is approximately 60,000 photos. I am not exaggerating... I have file numbers to prove it. In the last 2 weeks I have noticed a disturbing trend. As the years have worn on, I have done the following:

1. Clearly spent increasingly more time on my appearance.
2. Spent an increasingly greater number of hours working per day.
3. Drinking more and more wine.
4. Hiking/road tripping less and less.
5. More practical time with CJ and less memory-making bonding with him.

While some might say that these are natural consequences of growing out of your awkward adolescence, I saw BULLCRAP! I say that I was happier when I was a toothless dork who didn't know what eyeliner was.

I say that I was happier eating out once a year and spending long nights walking through the forest with my boyfriend. And I didn't need wine... I had adventure.

So I have a plan. While it is impractical to think I will suddenly give up my new found love of blush, or say goodbye to booze without a good reason, I have decided to put a little bit more effort in not settling. And that is why I am leaving this weekend for some unknown destination in the woods, in the middle of winter, with my soul mate. Just like old times. And we are going to have more fun, more often.

     There will come a day when things like this won't be easy or even possible. But today is not that day!

Over the next year, I plan to enjoy every moment. I plan to love every second I spend at work, but no more time than I need to. I will seize every evening and not squander my weekends on "adventuring" in video games. And I will use my new camera to capture as much of my life as possible.

I need real adventure, and I need it often. Like Aristotle said, adventure is worthwhile.