Friday, January 13, 2012


     Someday, I want a lot of property and an old farm house. I want lots of tall trees around the property, so I can string lights from tree to tree, and have meandering walkways lit by lovely little lights and imagine faeries are watching me from the trees. I want a few picnic tables out in a clearing surrounded by lights strung in a circle. I would plant wild flowers and maintain it myself instead of going to work. I would have my own large vegetable garden AND a flower garden. I would have fresh flowers in my house all summer. And I want little children of my own to enjoy it all with me. Is that so much to ask?



  1. :) This must be a time of reflection for all of us, because I just waxed pensive about my future too. Sounds like you have a better idea of what you want though, so good for you!! You have your eyeliner-less adventures, and you get yourself those faerie lights!!! I know you can do it. :) Love you!!!