Saturday, June 15, 2013

We Survived (Thrived?) in a Second Week

So I was very lazy about taking pictures this week... so instead of food pictures, here is a picture of a baby licking his tray.

Anyway, the second week went well. Here is what we ate this past week:

Monday: Grilled Cheese and Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup
Easy food (canned soup) since this day I had doctor appointments
Tuesday: Turkey Chili and Cornbread
Also easy and made in the morning since I worked that night.
Wednesday: Left overs
CJ worked late and ate at work.
Thursday: Chicken Nachos
Put chicken thighs + 1 cup salsa in crock pot on low for 6 hours
Friday: Left overs 
Again... CJ got home around 10:30pm
Saturday: Chicken and Veggies over Wild Rice
All the random left over veggies I could find in the fridge I steamed and heated up old chicken thighs I'd cooked earlier in the week and served them over Wild Rice with butter. YUMMY.

I also planned some lunch ideas for myself and Jim which included:
Cheese & Crackers with steamed Green Beans
Hummus with Pita or Rice Cakes and Steamed Zucchini
Apricots, Cottage Cheese, Peas
Quinoa and Steamed Sweet Potatoes
Peanut Butter on Rice Cakes, Peaches, Peas
Cheese, Chicken, and Bell Pepper Quesadillas

CJ had refried beans, frozen bell pepper&onion medley, cheese, and scrambled egg Breakfast Burritos that I made ahead on Sunday.

I also made Gyros for the weeks lunches for him on Sunday. I used this recipe and prepared them all in little "kits" so nothing would get soggy. The meat, sauce, veggies, and pita were all packed separately, then put in old plastic grocery bags and stored in the fridge door so he could grab one and go.

And I bought a $1.99 brownie mix and divided the cooked brownies into 5 portions for each week night. This really helped our cravings for ice cream after dinner and prevented us eating a whole batch of cookies or brownies on a whim. And it easily saved us 10+ dollars in ice cream alone! 

This entire week cost us 106.52 at Winco (including baby wipes, paper towels, etc.)

I didn't feel quite as much like I lived in the kitchen, mostly because I used almost all old "go-to" recipes instead of being too creative. This current week in progress is even easier -and cheaper- than this one!

So far we've saved $200! (That's approximately 2 full nights of work for me!)

Wish me luck as we continue with Week 3 :)

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  1. Gotta love Winco! I'm glad your experiment has been such a success!