Thursday, July 1, 2010

Quick Weekday Trip to Margaritaville

Yesterday after I made my last post, it did warm up considerably! So I went to the garden and took some pictures of my cute little plants' progress :) I felt inspired after a lovely blended tropical rum cocktail!

These are my green onions I planted from seeds. They are already quite tasty!

I have a mini corn field too!

I'm hoping these little yellow flowers turn into cherry tomatoes soon.

These are my peas. There are a few flowers which I think means the beginning of pods.

I have three strawberry plants. This plant has yielded two strawberries, and none from the others yet.
Now is where the margaritas come in. CJ came home from work (which is going great, by the way,) and I started on dinner. Shish kabobs!

I skewered the chicken after letting it soak in Sweet Maui Teriyaki Sauce, and skewered pearl onions that had already boiled for a few minutes, red orange and green peppers, and fresh cut pineapple. Yes, the one in Chilly Summer Day. I then grilled them outside in the sunshine.

I made the margaritas myself. I put about 4 shots of tequila in a shaker (with ice) about 1 shot each of limeade and lemonade, a dribble of cointreau, and a squeeze of real lime. I then strained it into salted rim glasses. They were so tasty that we went back for a few more...
Complete meal with a rice bed for the skewers and salad! The rice was Jasmine Basmati rice. It really added to the flavor of the skewers.
This morning CJ and I felt a bit of jet-lag from our quick return from Margaritaville. But it was worth it!

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