Saturday, November 20, 2010


I bought these cookie cutters in a mini baking set for children at True Value Hardware when I was 6.

They make perfect little gingerbread men!

  I got a new piping bag, and had fun giving my cookies clothes. I think the men with neckties are my favorite.

 I made about 8 dozen cookies! I ended up giving most of them away. When will I learn?

I used  this recipe for the sugar cookies. There are two recipes on that page, and I used the first for both the frosting and the cookies. The only exception: I used half butter, half Crisco in the frosting.

The recipe for the chocolate chip cookies was from the bag of chips that I used. My mom said they were the best she'd ever had!

A little off topic, I know, but I handle my busy schedule by being very organized. I have fun with it, and color code everything. Friday night I finished up all my work and my desk looked so pretty and colorful I had to take a picture.

And finally, my sleepy cat by the fire. 

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