Monday, November 8, 2010

Sales Resistance and More Foodz

      Have you ever seen the episode of I Love Lucy called Sales Resistance? The part I remember the most was her inability to resist the salesman's pitch for the Handy Dandy Kitchen Helper. It was a cylindrical container with a crank on the side. All one had to do was throw in a potato, turn the dial to the desired setting (hashbrowns, fries, baked potato), crank the handle, open the door, and magically out comes the sliced and diced vegetable! Of course when she got it home, every setting seemed to be for baked potato!

A week or two ago, I saw a live demonstration at the grocery store for what was a dead ringer for the Handy Dandy Kitchen Helper. I got a free gift for watching, an apple corer. And if I bought the gadget I got another gift. I'm not sure what to call it. It cuts, zests, carves, etc.

Yes, I bought it.

But unlike Lucy, when I got it home, I got it to work!

The apple corer was maybe nothing new, but made making an apple pie a lot more fun.

The serrated device with no name cut open the pumpkin very nicely. I haven't used it again yet though...

Apple pie, recipe from I decided to try a dutch apple topping this time. It was good, but didn't turn out as crisp as I expected.

And, now the glimpse of the gadget that sliced the apples: 

      I don't care if its silly, I love it! Look what else it can do!!

And it took me a only a few minutes altogether!

And finally, a picture of my cat dressed for halloween, and my front porch dressed for halloween:

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