Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My New House, Part I

I know a lot of you either live far away, or just haven't been able to see the house CJ and I bought in August last year. Since school is over I have more time to be a housewife, so I spent the whole day cleaning, reorganizing, and rearranging the whole upstairs (except CJ's den). Some things had just never been properly unpacked! My photos aren't pieces of art, but I am excited to show you my house!
This is my new "teacher's desk". This is in one of the spare rooms upstairs. This is going to be turned into the nursery someday. Before I arranged it like this, I actually had two desks shoved together with books all over the place! It was really a mess. This is much nicer.
This is the other side of the spare room. Not in the picture, is also a treadmill. The room is nice and empty, so the transition to a nursery won't be so bad.
I can finally personalize a bathroom! This is
MY bathroom. I let CJ have the entire master bathroom. I really had fun making the artwork for the walls.

I know the picture is dark, but it was a very sunny day and I'm not used to my camera yet.
I am waiting for inspiration to make some artwork for above the bed. Feel free to send ideas my way!
The master bathroom was hard to photograph without getting myself in the picture. So here it is, along with the newly organized closet!

CJ's office will have to wait for "My New House, Part II".


  1. Awwww, I LOVE the polka dot theme in the bathroom!! (Or bubbles??) Whatever u wanna call it, I love it!

  2. Thanks! Its polka dots. I think its my only fully finished room!

  3. I love your dresser and jewelry box... Why did you decide to not share the master bathroom???