Thursday, June 17, 2010

My New House, Part II

I finally finished cleaning to the point that I was ok with taking pictures, although some of the pictures were fuzzy for some reason. I didn't notice till I made a mess of the house again:-P oh well. At least I can post them. And I finished my job application too! :)

For those of you who have never been over, I'll try to give you a sense of walking through my house. So far you've already seen the spare bedroom (future nursery), my bathroom, and the master bed and bath. Here's the hall just outside these rooms:
And as I was taking this picture, just to my right is another room. CJ's den (which he will have to share with me once our family grows):

So thats pretty much the whole upstairs. I don't much care to show you the laundry closet! I do want to think of some way to put some art on this wall though:
Here is my kitchen:
And the living/dining room:
I love old black metal things! Like phones, radios, cameras, and movie projectors!

On this shelf are some more neat old things, like those LIFE magazines and other old books, another camera, a view master, and that little mailbox safe. Fun! hehe

Now here's the rest of my living room:
Well that was it! Tomorrow I teach Math 261 at PSU at 9:15 am. I need to put the finishing touches on the syllabus still.

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