Sunday, August 29, 2010

Summer Fun

We've had a few adventures since I last posted. I went with my friends from the math department- Brie, Wil, and others,- to Oneonta Gorge and Eagle Creek for some hiking and wading. Those pictures are on facebook, but I did not take them.

A week or two later I took CJ to Oneonta Gorge but we did not take a camera since I was worried about getting it wet. We went swimming and climbed the rocks up behind the waterfall.

The next week I took my sister, Anna, to Oneonta again, and for a hike around the area.

There were too many people and it was very dark, so pictures were hard for me. But it was quite amazing.

The hike up the hill was beautiful, and it was wonderful spending such quality time with my sister. I think she really enjoyed the hike too.

She's such an amazing woman!

This weekend, CJ's uncle Tim had us all up at his farm in Redmond. We were going up to help him pick his corn, but it wasn't ready. We might go back next weekend! His house was so comfy and has such a great view.

The horse's name is Shadow. He loves me <3.
Besides the corn, Tim has potatoes, carrots, all kinds of squash, cucumber, and more that I can't remember. We spent the whole weekend harvesting, weeding, mowing, cleaning, etc.
We all worked so hard that by sundown we were in bed, and up as soon as the sun came up. Tim's wife was out of town, so Marie and I took over all the cooking and cleaning, and fed the four hungry men 3 times a day! It was a role I enjoyed.
We made pickles from the garden's cucumbers.

I did not want to come home. I loved riding tractors, cooking for grateful hungry men, and spending time outside in the sunshine with family. I hope we can go back soon! Once we got home, I made some tasty food with tomatoes from my garden. Maybe my corn will be ready next week. For now, its store bought ;) But at least it was all from scratch!