Monday, September 6, 2010


This is the update article for all the little news points that have popped up over the last month or so.

1. I got a full time job!!

Remember the full time 1-year job I interviewed for in July, but didn't get? Well about 2 weeks later, the dean of the math department at PCC called me and offered me a full time 1 term faculty position! This means I will have the pay and the responsibilities of a full time faculty member until January. In January, it is possible that I will get another term of it, but not guaranteed. Either way, by then I'll still have a part time job there, and this opportunity will allow me to show them what I have.

2. I can almost do a chin up!

Ok, so this isn't terribly exciting for everyone else, but at my gym, Nick my trainer has been pushing me really hard and among other things, training me to have the strength to do a chin up. On Thursday night, I could see over the top of the bar before my muscles gave out!

3. Betsy has fleas.

This is a not so pleasant update. The other evening while rolling around on the carpet, CJ noticed fleas on her white tummy. Since then I have given her a flea bath, and cleaned and sprayed the whole house, but I still find 1 or 2 fleas on her neck each time I check her. Advantage is in the mail, and I won't be happy until the fleas are gone! And neither will she, because she is kicked out of the house until then as well.

4. I'm going to Scottdale Arizona to visit Alison next weekend!

It started out as a "I wish you were here" and ended as "oh my, I just bought a plane ticket!"
Apparently Allegiant Air has tickets from Bend to Phoenix for 20 bucks each way! So I'm heading to Bend Friday morning to fly to visit my friend who I haven't seen in four years! Yay!

So I think thats about it for the updates. How about a picture of the mutant corn from my garden to finish this up?



  1. It's freaky loooking!
    and congrats on the job :D

  2. You could stab someone with that corn.

  3. I know, I'm scared to eat the corn.

    And thanks, I'm really excited about my job! :)