Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Crisp Air and Busy Schedules

Alison and I had so much fun when I came to visit her in Arizona. You know you are meant to be friends with someone, when you don't see them for 4 years and it feels like it had been 4 days :)
We climbed a big rock in our flip flops and girly clothes and took lots of pictures.
We played real life Where's Waldo.

When I got home I made cupcakes, and gave them all away. It was hard to do :)
This weekend my sweetie and I went to our favorite local pumpkin patch.
And didn't feel like going home after, so we kept driving.
We explored the farmlands and mountains, went to an estate sale, and looked at houses we want to live in someday.
Yesterday morning when I was a bit early for work, I took a few pictures in the fog.
After the fog lifted, I enjoyed the amazing view. I am lucky to work in a place like this!

I am really loving my job. I am teaching Math 111c, Calc 1 and 2, and Stats I. I spend over 40 hours a week at work, and another 10 at home grading. Long hours, but I enjoy them. I won't mind seeing a paycheck soon, either!

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