Friday, October 22, 2010

The Pumpkin With the Perfect Attitude

To me, pumpkins have personalities and attitudes. Whenever I pick out a pumpkin, I try to pick one with a pleasant attitude. Today, I found the cutest pumpkin with the sweetest attitude I've ever met. I had to eat him. is my favorite website for trying new recipes. Quality pictures are posted, and any recipe is tried and true. I'm not afraid to dive into a new concoction that I find here.

I butchered my cute little sugar pumpkin and cut it up into chunks that I steamed in a pot on the stove. While I waited for its delicious insides to get soft and gooey, I made the crust and started the rest of the filling.

The pumpkin actually smelled just like zucchini as I scooped it out of it skin into the blender. It amazes me that someone thought it would be a good pie filling.

Right now, I'm killing time while I wait for it to cook....

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