Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall Is Here

I am really enjoying fall. At first I was angry that summer was so short, but I am fine with the crisp air, the red leaves and apples, and the idea of darker evenings cuddled in blankets.

Today I spent time adding some fall decor to my house, and cooking recipes from my new favorite magazine, Sweet Paul. When I told my husband that I was going to make a fall centerpiece for the table, I had a hard time explaining that it was NOT going to be a wicker basket full of pumpkins and leaves! I made this from things I already had, plus the new lantern and tray.

This was tonights dinner. Apricot and Maple Chicken with yams, potatoes, and shallots. It was so tasty, I might say it was the tastiest food I've ever eaten. Thanks Sweet Paul!

Last weekend, I made apple butter, beef stew, and mini chicken pies. These recipes also came from Sweet Paul. Tomorrow I plan to make the Shepard's Pie.

Soon, I'l take pictures of my outside displays of corn stalks and hay bales and post them :)

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  1. YUM!!!!! That stew looks soooooo good! Your decorations are very lovely :)